Sales Order Verification

Sales Order Verification 3.1

The program gives users the ability to verify that the order is correct

Sales Order Verification was developed to give QuickBooks users the ability to verify that the products they are billing for and the products they are shipping match.
A sales order is produced in your Premier version of QuickBooks. This information is then retrieved by the Sales Order Verification program so that the person that will be preparing the sales order for delivery to your customer can print a pick list that they will use to pick the products. Once the products are picked they can then be verified with the Sales Order Verification program. This may be done by using a barcode scanning device or by entering the quantities for each product manually. When the products have been verified against the original sales order, a confirmation report can be printed and/or a message can be sent back to the QuickBooks To Do list for review and action by the office staff.

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